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At Turner Basset Hounds of Missouri, we believe that basset hounds are one of the most loveable breeds out there. With their droopy ears, sad eyes, and friendly personalities, these dogs capture our hearts and become loyal companions for life. So if you’re looking for basset hounds for sale in Missouri, give us a call!


Cute little basset hound pup sitting on a sofa
Dog Basset hound sitting and looking upward

We have been breeders since 2005. Our basset puppies are our babies and are raised on a farm with lots of love!

Dark colored basset hound puppy looking at the camera!

We currently have AKC Basset pups and adult Bassets ready for their forever home! AKC-registered basset hounds are an excellent choice for those looking to buy a purebred dog with a known lineage. The American Kennel Club (AKC) is a reputable organization that ensures the breed standard of basset hounds is met, which means that the dog you get will be healthy and have a predictable temperament.

AKC registration also provides access to dog shows and events, where you can showcase your pet’s abilities and good looks. However, it’s important to note that AKC registration does not guarantee the quality of the dog. So that’s why it’s still critical to research and find a reputable breeder you can trust.

Meet Our Dogs


Turner’s June

50% European, Female

Turner’s Fancy

50% European, Female

Linda’s Lemon

American, Female

Stonewall Rosie

American, Female (FOR SALE RETIRED $300)

Duncan Dillinger

100% European, Male (RETIRED FOR SALE $400)

Gus and Hank

Pups from previous litter

Franklin 100% European


American, Male

Our Adoption Process

Our puppies leave at eight (8) weeks of age.  A veterinarian will check all puppies before six (6) weeks and then again before they leave for their new home. They will have their first vaccine and dewormings. Then they will be sent home with a Health Certificate from the vet, shot records, and all AKC paperwork.


We always love it when you are able to pick up your puppy in person! But if you can’t, don’t worry. Your basset hounds can ship via air, or we are willing to meet within a certain distance. Please call to discuss arrangements.

I have 2 retired bassets for sale without breeding rights one female and one male!!

Scroll down to look at Rosie (who is shy) & Dillinger (who is almost blind) $300 each!!



Next litter of 50% European coming  May 23rd (Lemon & Franklin) 

Litter of 75% European coming mid June (Fancy & Franklin)

Litter of 75% European coming July (June & Franklin)


Turner Basset Hounds have some exciting news for 2024!!

We have added another 100 % European male and female to our clan!!  


Available Puppies

Born: May 21, 2024

Parents:  Dam – Lemon (American)   Sire: Franklin (100% European)

Taking Deposits Now!!  


Nater $1200
Spike $1200
Gertie $1200 (RESERVED)
Sam $1200
Sable $1200 (RESERVED)
Barney $1200


Parents: Dam-    Sire- 

What is a Basset Hound?

Basset hounds are a breed of dog that originated in France and were bred for hunting small game. They are known for their short legs, long bodies, and distinctive baying bark. Bassets are friendly dogs that love to be around people and are great with children.

Basset Hounds Are So Loveable!

Basset hounds are known for their affectionate and gentle nature. They are loyal companions and are always eager to please their owners. Bassets are also known for their calm demeanor and make great pets for those living in apartments or small homes.

At Turner Basset Hounds, we take pride in raising beautiful, healthy puppies. We guarantee that all of our dogs come from healthy bloodlines and receive the best care possible. We are located in Milo, Missouri.

Discover the charm of a basset hound today and bring home a loyal companion for life. Contact Turner Basset Hounds of Missouri to learn more about our available puppies and to schedule a visit.

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